I’m a follower of Christ Jesus. Fairly happy go lucky. If I’m not laughing or smirking it’s because I am in DEEP concentration. This blog is primarily about things I find of interest, the occasional rant, my cat Izzie of course, any food on my mind, and other various topics. I do have a mental illness/illnesses , but I, like everyone else who suffers the same, am not my illness. Having said that, I have the personal joy of dealing with bipolar manic/depression, obsessive compulsive disorder  (ocd) and anxiety, all on a daily basis no less. I rarely sleep more than three hours at a time any longer so blogging should prove fun. As I type this,  please imagine me laughing and chuckling. I am a huge fan of mountain biking, love all things dealing with eschatology, video games, scifi, fantasy. Ahhh. I’m a geek. So be it. Lol     Enjoy


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