2016 was a momentous year for me. New psychiatrist, new psychologist , new internal medicine doctor. Things steadily improved. I’ve become stable and I am going back to school this month to get my certificate for pharmacy so I can work in a hospital. It’s been a bit nerve wracking because I’ve had to figure out financial aid for tuition and books. I’m still working on it as I type this. I’m hoping to have some resolution by tomorrow. Regardless things are going so much better. I really like , and trust my doctors which is important. I’m sleeping better, and I’m typically far less anxious. I’ve lost 31 pounds in the last six months, and hope to lose more in the coming months. I’m still not engaging socially as much as I’d like, but I’m working on  it. All I can really say is that God is faithful……..even though I at times am not. He seems to always fill in the gap between my faith, or lack there of, and what His plans are for me. I am grateful. It’s been some time since I have written, but I’ve not always been able to concentrate. I’m doing so much better. I hope all that read this are blessed, and that your burdens are lightened. God bless you, David