I haven’t written in almost three months! A lot has happened. I’ve seen my new psychiatrist four times now. I like him. He’s easy to work with. We have changed a few medications , and I’m still relatively stable, plus I’ve lost 15 pounds! The change in medications has allowed my body to do better at metabolizing food.

I’ve been really anxious lately. Just a lot happening. I’m taking placement tests for school, and studying. Both of which have me anxious. I was panicking last week. My anti-anxiety medication was barely touching my anxiety. I feel better, though I’m still anxious. I’ve used coping skills, but for whatever reason they just were not enough this time. I’ve taken two of the placement tests so far, and I have two more to take. On top of my anxiety about school I’ve been worried about my sister , and her family. They are going through a really tuff crisis. I know all I can do is pray, and offer support, but I wish there was more I could do. Also my mom has tachycardia. I had to have her admitted to the hospital two weeks ago. They kept her overnight for observation. Her doctor had her wear a heart harness for 24 hours last week. Still haven’t heard the results yet. Her doctor said he was going to refer her to a cardiologist.

All my anxiety has been situational. While the anxiety stinks it’s better than being anxious with no cause. I will have to take college level composition, but I will not have to take literature. I still have the math , and science test to take. I’ll probably take them this week after I study.

I forgot to mention,lol. My plumbing backed up the other day, and the excess moisture in the air caused my air conditioner to freeze up. I’m without air till the bloke of ice melts. Hopefully by this time tomorrow it will have completely melted.

I’ll live I suppose, just can’t wait till these situations are resolved. I praise God that’s it’s not worse than it is.