So it’s been nine months now of steady progress, and four months of true emotional stability. My bipolar, ocd, and agoraphobia symptoms have abated tremendously. I feel great. I have had some mild depression a few times, but it only seems to last a few hours. The same with anxiety. I started going back to the gym two months ago now, and I’m am going at least twice a week which is phenomenal for me. I applied for student financial aid, and I’m eligible for a Pell and a Stafford grant. I sent away for my transcripts from school and as soon as I have them I am scheduling an appointment with the college guidance counselor to see what classes I need to take for my career path. I am going for MRI technician. It’s a two year associates degree. There are several good hospital’s within twenty miles of here, and so many doctors offices. Within two months I’ll have a new mountain bike so I can trail ride again. So many good things happening that it’s seems unreal, but it’s the culmination of five years of trial and error when it came to my medications to were now I am stable. One sad note. My insurance is changing at the end of the month so I have had to get a new psychiatrist. I see my Dr for the last time tomorrow. He’s been brilliant in finding the right medication combination, and weening me off what didn’t work. Also I am having to find a new therapist, but that can wait a bit. I see my new psychiatrist the beginning of next month. All things considered I am doing wonderful and it would be hard to imagine being more at peace. I have trusted God throughout all of this, and I truly believe that He has ordered my steps
God bless you all.