Joined a gym yesterday, and worked out today. I’m starting off going every other day. Saw my therapist today, it went well. I won’t see her again for three weeks since I’m doing pretty good. Still fighting sleep around noon after taking my medication so I plan on working out around that time to wake myself up. Still dealing with catastrophic “what if” scenarios in my head, but they are not lasting as long. Took someone’s advice and I’m breaking the cycle with positive “what if” thoughts. Seems to be working. Bought “The Force Awakens” yesterday on Blu-ray and watched it last night with the family. I’m fairly convinced that Rey is Luke’s daughter, but we’ll see. Mom’s physical therapy is going well, hoping it eases her pain some. Not sure if my restless leg syndrome is going to be stopped by taking Requip. I’m taking 8mg now in the morning, 8mg at 2pm ,and 4mg at bedtime, but I still had pain around 7am this morning. Could be because I took the Requip to close to the time I took the Saphris, and Geodon. Might have to talk to Dr. Willis about increasing my Gabapentin if the Requip stops working since I’m already taking a high dose of Requip. 4 MG more and I’ll be at the maximum dosage of 24mg in 24 hours. Going to ask Dr. Kahn if I can stop taking Lamictal. I’m only taking 150mg a day, and I’m not convinced it has ever done anything for me. Hope he says yes so I take one less medication.