It’s been six months now since I started taking an anti psychotic /antimanic medication for my bipolar disorder. In that time I have become more peaceful, less anxious,less obsessive. I feel as normal as I’ve ever felt. I’m still dealing with some agoraphobia,  and some anxiety, but so much less than in the past. I’ve even managed to go back to church twice in the last month after almost seven years of missing out on worship. I’ve also been going to therapy for the past four months, and it has made a difference as well in my wellbeing. I’m so thankful for this turn of events, and I give all credit to God. I’m actually taking two antipsychotics, Saphris, and Geodon. Even after the first dose of Saphris I felt an emense sense of  relief of symptoms. The Geodon was added to further the effect and length of relief as I had maxed out the amount of Saphris I could take in a day. One unfortunate side effect was edema, which my doctor countered with hctz, another side effect was restless leg syndrome and psychomotor agitation,  which was countered with Requip,  and Amantadine. The side effects where worth dealing with considering the amount of mental/emotional relief. The restless leg and psychomotor agitation are under control, as well as the edema, so all is well. I’m working on exposure to reduce my agoraphobia, as well as some techniques my therapist has taught me, and it’s helping. Hoping for even better news in the near future. Wish me luck.  DAK